The Michigan Difference

Lester Monts, Senior Vice Provost

Life-changing events, moments, and discoveries happen at the University of Michigan every day. Whether in a classroom, lab, seminar, residence hall or in conversations with others, we encourage students to question old assumptions and think about new and meaningful ways of addressing both personal and global challenges.

We encourage these life-changing moments by expecting excellence in everything we do. A diverse cohort of people and perspectives is key to catalyzing such excellence. Quite simply, each of us, and the University as a whole, does better when students, faculty, and staff with diverse backgrounds work and learn together.

This is a continuing quest. We have more work to do. These pages within the Diversity Matters at Michigan web portal demonstrate our commitment and desire to achieve a strong, productive and welcoming academic environment. We invite you to explore the resources provided here, and to help us expand opportunities, create more inclusive spaces, and ask vital questions.

Lester P. Monts
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Senior Counselor to the President for the Arts, Diversity, and Undergraduate Affairs
Arthur F.Thurnau Professor of Music (Ethnomusicology)